This simple bake combines two of my favourite things: crusty bread and proper Yorkshire Ale. It also combines my love of fuss-free baking and getting to eat the bread as fast as I can.

In fact, this is a recipe I’ve used for many years now. I have the original recipe written down in an old diary and it’s been subtly adapted over time to become my fail safe bread recipe. Just three ingredients is all it needs: self raising flour, sugar and a good, hearty ale. No added yeast required, no kneading and no proving, yet this bread has a traditional crust, soft and fluffy crumb and a lingering malty flavour.

Being a Yorkshire lass, I like my beers to be local (Yorkshire does everything well, don’t you agree?) and of course, they must be vegan. Were lucky enough to have some wonderful accidentally vegan breweries in the area, who don’t filter their ales through isinglass. I love the range of organic and vegan beers from Suma– my favourite is a light beer called Mytholm Mist- lemony and refreshing- however a bread needs a darker beer to carry it’s flavour through the bake. I used Suma’s Blackstone Yorkshire Moor Ale, which is deep and malty, but has a fruity aftertaste.

Slice into hearty chunks whilst warm and serve with a dip of Yorkshire rapeseed oil.


Makes 1 small loaf


350g SR flour

1 tbsp granulated sugar

300ml Suma Blackstone Yorkshire Moor Ale



  1. Pre-heat the oven to 180C/ Gas mark 4
  2. In a large bowl, combine the flour and sugar.
  3. Pour in the ale and stir with a spoon. When it becomes thick and sticky, use your hands to combine it further.
  4. Push into a small loaf tin (9″x5″) and bake in the oven for 50-55 minutes.

Enjoy whilst warm or store wrapped in foil for up to 3 days.

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